Porto is a worldwide ecosystem accessible to everyone. Every day, a lot of transactions are made in our network – people from all over the world send and receive bitcoins expressed in their local currencies. Quickly, safely, at best rates.

Porto is a Polish fintech company working under existing European legislation. We have created a platform which offers wide possibilities to store, send and receive Bitcoins, and we are almost ready to present you the ultimate marketplace. We have developed a unique system of fixed lots, which you’ll be able to pay for in your local currency. Though the marketplace is coming soon, now you can use all the benefits of our simple and safe wallet. You can instantly send money to anyone, anywhere, even if the person hasn’t got a bitcoin wallet yet – just by his/her phone number.

Welcome to the cryptoworld without any restrictions, intermediaries or barriers to entry!

Still not convinced?

Lost your smartphone?
Login via phone number

Set up an account in 30 sec

In-app customer support

Send & receive bitcoins
anytime with ease

Stay anonymous & secure

Simple system of lots
to buy and sell bitcoins

Porto is safe and legal

Our platform operates taking all requirements of the European legislation into account. We conduct all the legal processes and do everything possible to present an instant and advantageous marketplace. Safekeeping of your wallets and full compliance with all legal regulations is our priority. For further information consult the documents below:

  • User agreement
  • Fees & Pricing
  • Complaints Policy
  • Cookies Policy